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Ready to Change Careers or Return to Work?

The core that makes up Connect•Work•Thrive is a solid team of top career and industry experts, whose prime focus is to provide techniques that empower YOU to shine and succeed better than ever before during career transitions.

Once armed with the critical skills and powerful network we provide, you will quickly learn that finding your place in the career world is not only more approachable, but more easily attainable and rewarding than ever before.

By choosing our team of elite professionals to guide you through this pivotal time in your life, you will be equipped to more accurately pinpoint your personal needs. This newfound, seasoned focus invites doors to open up for you, helping you more precisely attract YOUR perfect career fit.

If you’ve taken a break from the work force due to parenthood, illness, or just needed some personal time, we’re here to inspire you to Find Work You LOVE!

What We Accomplish

Through our conferences, courses, and group and individual coaching, we have helped hundreds of professionals change careers or return to the workforce after a career sabbatical.

ConnectU is the home of our continuously growing library of curriculum-based online courses and workshop videos.

Schedule a complimentary 1-on-1 consultation with Johanna Wise, Founder of Connect•Work•Thrive, to discuss your specific needs and learn more about what we can do to help you Find Work You LOVE™!

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Courses Included with Purchase

Your Language of Success
Workshop: Change Your Words - Change Your Results
Andrea Goeglein, PhD
Entrepreneurship: I Went Job Hunting, Hired Myself, and Never Looked Back
The ins and outs of entrepreneurship from a panel of experts
Johanna Wise, MBA
The Science Behind Finding Work You Love
Curriculum-Based Course: How to get "unstuck" and create a focused action plan
Stephanie Staidle
Find Your Career Calling at Any Age: Nature's Reinvention MAP
Workshop: It's Never Too Late to Do What You Love
Rikk Hansen
Your Type Advantage
Curriculum-Based Course: How to Make Yourself Indispensible with Strengths-Based Career Choices
Ingrid Stabb
Transform Inertia into Success
Curriculum-Based Course: Balance your life and move forward during a career transition
Salomé Rodriguez Thorson
3 Secrets to Realize Your Dreams
Workshop: Go from knowing what to do, to actually DOING it.
Katie Collins
Excel at Your Job, Be Home for Dinner
Curriculum-Based Course: How working parents get to 50/50
Sharon Meers
Monetize Your Skills Today
Curriculum-Based Course: Discover how to spend time during your career transition leveraging your skills and getting paid to do work you’re good at and enjoy.
Thomas G. Fiffer
Create Outer Success, Inner Peace, and Lasting Fulfillment
Audio interview: Start Your Path to a Fulfilling Career
Johanna Wise & Carolina Zuleta
Fast Track Your Job Search Success
Curriculum-Based Course: How Not To Let Your Fear of Failure Hold You Back — Starting Today!
Jo Ilfeld, PhD
Want Success? Use Your Brain!
Workshop: Understand Your Brain-Personality Connection
Julie Anderson
What if You Could?
Curriculum-Based Course: Make Your Next Move with Confidence
Michelle Florendo
Empty Nest
Curriculum-Based Course: How To Discover What Is Next For YOU
Tanya Monsef Bunger
Is Self-Talk Sabotaging Your Success?
Curriculum-Based Course: Make Your Mind Magnificent
Steven Campbell
Productivity Tools & Strategies for Your Successful Job Search and Beyond
Workshop: Resources to help you leverage your scarcest resource - time
Lori Krolik
Demonstrate Leadership In Your Job Interview
Curriculum-Based Course: How to ace your interview with actionable strategies and real world examples
Linda Patten
Is Your Personality Propelling You Forward or Holding You Back?
Workshop: How to set yourself up for success in your career and life
Sehin Belew
Write Your Resume Like You Mean It!
Workshop: The Power of Action Verbs
Marcia Hancock
The Confidence To Be Who You Are
Workshop: Confidence. We want it and need it.
Jacqueline Wales
Maximize Your Career Transition Success with LinkedIn
Workshop: Leverage LinkedIn to Successfully Return to Work or Change Careers
Christine Hueber

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What do people say about the Connect•Work•Thrive conferences?

"I have attended many conferences and events. Your presenters were of the caliber of Tony Robbins' presenters at Business Mastery, which cost about $15,000."

- Roberta Moore, Employer, Alain Pinel Realtors

“I’ve spoken at a lot of events and I was blown away by the high quality of the participants as well as the speakers.

- Jo Ilfeld, CEO, Success Reboot

“I just received a call from the Tesla recruiter, and they offered me a position. That’s very exciting. Almost certainly due to your workshops and paying attention to the various things the presenters mentioned.”

- Michael Cheponis, Santa Clara, CA

Your Instructor

Johanna Wise, MBA
Johanna Wise, MBA

Johanna curates and hosts highly successful nationwide events including Find Work You Love Conferences and Career Transformation Summits, The Workforce Diversity Summit™ at Microsoft, and local and national celebrations of 40 Years of Women at Yale.

After a career sabbatical to raise two children, Johanna founded two companies in addition to Connect•Work•Thrive™: Keep Me Tax Free™, which secures tax-exempt status for non-profit organizations and Wise Consulting, a boutique firm which provides strategic planning, operations, marketing, and financial expertise to growing businesses.

Johanna holds an MBA from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, a BS in Applied Mathematics from Yale University, and a Certificate in Small Business Management from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Johanna was born and raised in NYC and is also a proud graduate of Hunter College High School.

Read her full bio here. Connect with Johanna via Phone or Linkedin.

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