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Curriculum-Based Course: How Not To Let Your Fear of Failure Hold You Back — Starting Today!

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You’re ready to take on new workplace challenges, but you’re probably focused on the wrong things. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in a cycle of taking small risks, reaping little rewards, and then blaming yourself for not achieving your goals.

To move ahead decisively in your career and career search, you MUST develop successful decision-making and planning strategies. In this presentation, you’ll discover the habits and perspectives that are holding you back from career success. You’ll come away with breakthrough insights and practical actions you can use immediately to develop the confident, effective approach that propels you forward.
In this presentation we’ll explore:
  • The REAL reason most professionals fail to attain the business success they desire
  • How to focus on the ‘right’ work opportunities
  • The #1 mistake you’re making when it comes to addressing new professional challenges (and the easy fix to avoid it)
  • 3 things you MUST know to successfully lead others
  • The secret you need to take bold action and create workplace wins

Who Would Benefit From Participating:

Professionals and leaders, both career-seeking and employed, who recognize that they are not fully pursuing their goals and aspirations, who struggle with perfectionism, or who don’t confidently reach for more visibility and want to be working from their full potential.

Your Instructor

Jo Ilfeld, PhD
Jo Ilfeld, PhD
Jo Ilfeld, PhD is an executive leadership coach who works with senior managers and leaders to create more impact and influence in their organizations. She helps her clients build competency as confident, effective leaders of high-performing teams.
On a mission to cultivate wise and successful leaders in the business sector, Jo offers one-to-one and group coaching within organizations, team workshops, and on-site trainings. Jo works with professionals seeking new opportunities as well as with with executives and entrepreneurs for companies throughout the Bay Area and beyond including eBay, Paypal and Kaiser.
Prior to starting Success Reboot, Jo grew her first company from a hobby into a million dollar business. She holds a bachelors degree from Yale and a PhD in Business from UC Berkeley.

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